It All Started The Weekend Of The Superbowl

On the Thursday before the big game, I was asked by my superiors if I could come to work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for an extra shift. I naturally told them Yes to every day except (like any other red-blooded American Football fan) I declined to work Sunday. Of course I worked myself into the position to be the go-to guy after I fell ill and caught a lot of grief for turning down Sunday but, what can I say? I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!  So, after a few pleas, and failed bargaining he walked away defeated and I walked away with more hours! SWEEEEEEET!

As The Time Went By…

I eventually had more time then work and took to quick breaks of game apps and social media outlets. This of course was to round up my party options for that big day and with which friends. Now of course by now you might be thinking (gasp) “You waited until that late to plan out the big one!?! What kind of man are you!?! I know… Let me explain. I’ve had plenty of plans fall through on championship games by a friend whose girl had him in the dog house.

So on my conquest to find my venue of unhealthy food and manly trash-talking I came across a message from an old friend who had just what I was looking for. He spoke of his organization  having a get together with the game on flat-screen TV, a DJ, drinks, women, and free food! If that wasn’t enough it was right down the street from my house! I was sold on this slice of heaven and told him. However, as we caught up he admitted to having a problem and me being the problem solver I was (Who at the moment was looking for a reason to take my mind off of a situation at work) I lent an ear.

His Problem And My Advice

As it turned out, it wasn’t anything life threatening (Thank God) but it did seem serious. He was seeking membership in the organization that he invited me too not 10 minutes earlier. He also sounded very unsure of himself in his chances of being accepted. This shocked me a bit considering how he was when we were younger. I could do nothing but listen as he spoke on.

Okay… First of all, you have to understand who this guy used to be. He was one of the only guys when we were in school together that had that rivaled me in the ”IT” factor. He was the Go with the flow kinda guy that never seemed flustered or anything and people loved him. He even beat me for a coveted position that I wanted once. That later turned out to be a good thing though because I would’ve HATED to go through what he did. He took the leadership role and I (instead of being a sore loser) I took a supporting role by his side and it worked pretty well. We were friends first and rivals second. With that being said, I never thought I’d see the day of him being so unsure.

I had To Get Him Empowered…

After he was done I told him what I thought he needed to hear. At first I wished him luck and he countered with a little Wussy Talk. God! I hate hearing Wussy Talk! I wonder if I sounded that bad when I was fighting to get back my own Inner Bad Ass back. Either way it was time for a transfusion! After he said that he needed a shot of luck I told him, “You will do it as long as you set it as your destination. Goals are reached by will and actions bro” and he finally snapped out of it!

Operation Complete

You see!?! This is why you shouldn’t let friends go without Empowered! The world needs us! That Swagger! The Confidence! The very BAD ASS System that we’re taking a part of and feeding it with raw emotion and steering it with concentrated will! Plus… If you hide it from them and they join somebody else they might take it personal. I know I would!

Peace and Blessings Family. Share my blog with your friends and loved ones and leave comments if you can. I’d love to hear from you!






It All Started with a Simple Cold…

Hey guys. I know it’s been a while but I’m back and better than ever. I’d like to take this time out and apologize to each and every one of you for this absurd wait time in content but, like the title suggests, I made contact with the Wussy Virus. Yes during my first few days of blogging I caught it. Yep. Me. However, I have cured myself of it and good riddance because I have a life to live and you guys to walk down the path with me!

How I Caught It.

Well it all happened quite suddenly. I came home one day really tired. I mean more than usual as I work a normal 9-5 job that sometimes demands more than your willing to give. More hours, more frustration, and less… you. No time to cool down and no time to enjoy it. The word JOB for me and I’m sure others is just that gasp of air before you drown. Just keeping your head above water you know?

Well, (back to my story since I’m beginning to rant) I came home completely exhausted and I did something completely out of character. I went straight to bed on a Friday with no dinner. Yeah… My food is that important. In fact, actually, before I passed out I opened my blog and just drifted. Little did I know was while I slept a plan to tear me a new one was underway and I fell hook line and sinker. The Wussies couldn’t even face me! Isn’t that something?

The Attack of the Wussies

When I went into a deep sleep I was tired and just thought a little overnight charging of my batteries would suffice. That’s when life went “Ha-ha! Yeah right!” and I didn’t wake up until the evening  of the next day as sick as a dog who snuck a piece of chocolate. What I woke up to was so awful that I can honestly say that I’ve only felt a handful of times in my life. It was the Flu on steroids! I couldn’t stay awake more than a few minutes, I ached, I couldn’t focus, and I barely had the strength to move!

This of course is going  on while I held onto my words that I published. My words to all of you out there. I was counting every day as if I owed you another post. Every day that passed I felt frustrated because it became perceived that I was falling behind and I thought that I couldn’t come up with enough content to return with. I was not living my life, wasn’t working(on sick leave), and wasn’t experiencing enough to come on here and just make you feel what I’ve felt.

 The Wussies Take Over

By the time I got better, three weeks had passed and I was swamped. Behind in bills (and work), behind on my blog, and I felt that I was succumbing to my physical wussies, which became mental and emotional wussies. I was walking through the first few days wondering how I could overcome almost a whole month of setbacks? Well the bills were the first problem because I cant do anything without a home and place to produce right? Right.

So I dove into hours upon hours of work at whatever unappreciative wage you’d care to imagine. Sometimes 12, sometimes 16, sometimes more hours. This is not only straight time but overtime. I was working seven days a week at this rate and was dead tired. So tired that it became night after night of “Oh… I’ll Blog tomorrow…”  I felt like I was dying on the inside. I made a promise and wasn’t keeping it. I was such a wuss right?

My Wussy Cure

It got to the point that I was considering closing down my site in shame. I looked at it daily, wondering where my inner BAD  ASS  was. You’ve felt the same once right? Things getting unbearable to the point that you just want to turn tail and hide. Well that’s when things got interesting. the day I felt I finally had enough was the day I took a good llok in the mirror. Did I enjoy this life? If not, what other choices did I have? That inner Wussy was winning. Untill that point. The thing about being attacked  by the wussy disease was taht it waits for weakness and leeches  from everything. So I walked away and took a few more days to adress my being weeks behind and pit my Bad Ass and my Wussy  against each other and here I am. The guy you know and love.



I may have my moments of weakness but I’m still hear fightin and that will make me strong. I may not have all the answers but the mind thrives on questions.

Hotep Family. Please share me amongst friends and comment. I’d love to hear from you!





Take A Moment

And ask yourself that question. NO CHEATING. Okay… Some of you as soon as you were asked this question you already had the answer and just read on without a single thought, some may need to take a little more time and think about it, and some may continue reading while pondering-and all three of these scenarios are fine by the way. It just means some need time to think and pull apart the question while others are just more confident in their decisions overall or may have been asked a similar question.

Why Do I Ask

The reason that I am asking you this question is because of something that had happened to me a few days ago. I was going through my days schedule with little complication when I  was put in a sort of surprise quiz scenario (Don’t you just hate that?) by one of my supervisors at work. The thing about it is that he wanted me to answer to things I had no way of answering. I was completely stuck and put on the spot! The worst part is that it was a question I should have had the answer to.

In My Head

Well, to be honest, I didn’t think. I more so looked at them with a blank expression (Which by the way you should thank whichever family member that teaches you poker because you will need that poker-face at least once in life) but inside I was a factory on core meltdown with little men running around screaming “We’re gonna die!” and hear I was with nobody to take charge and smack some people while shaking them to get them to their senses.  Alright, I gave it my best shot. I bombed the question of course but only partially. Actually, I was the closest  out of the random questions that this supervisor asked all day but, being the perfectionist that I am I was still shook.

Which Made Me Think

In life there are many surprise last minute quizzes. Especially when you seek greatness. If I had prepared I would have been doing the “I’m Awesome!” victory lap in my head but, that’s the point. Life will throw you repetitive Fast Balls and Curve Balls and sometime when your not even in uniform or even awake! would much rather I not have Pinch Hit in life or you but, we have no choice in the matter. What can we then!?!

The Answer

To be honest, I don’t know. I mean… I can only hope to give you the best content and share my personal experiences. I have however, experienced a lot but, all of the surrounding circumstances I might not have dealt with. I just want you guys to know that I am willing to help anyone and give them my own and possibly be a friend to help you get better insight. What I received from this experience is that you need to become a student of your craft. Learn it in and out and even better it. Become an innovator. You know?… Although not before you become a student.

The Greatest Thing

We’re all students of life. Some are more advanced, some are remedial, and some just don’t pay attention or have a learning problem or something in the way that’s keeping them back but the bigger the wall, the stronger you’ll be when you clear it. There’s NOBODY that hasn’t had an  opposing force but hardship promotes growth and the most successful are those that have been through the most and will be the ones that are the most weather-beaten and will approach that spotlight moment with a smile and will produce like you wouldn’t believe.

So I ask you again. Are YOU Prepared? Are you following the blueprints for whatever it is you want? Are all in or just testing the waters because your relentless pursuit is what will have them remember your name. Well I’ll be there in spirit and hope I gave you a decent wake up call and also, don’t forget your bat.

When you see this message give it a share and leave a comment and if you’d like to meet truly inspirational people then click this link. Peace and Blessings.




Long Drawn Out Days Are...


Things of Substance

We’ve all had those clock stalking moments where you just wait for your time to hit zero. Work, school, meetings, lines, etc. It also becomes apparent that when watching it time slows down and I mean painstakingly slow! Under other circumstances, like say a deadline or sleep it tends to speed up and no matter how much you beg Father Time just wont cut you a break will he? He just continues to give you that tough love. Just like a dad huh?

Why Pay Attention To It

Basically we as humans focus on the negatives… OF EVERYTHING. Well not the whole population but still a huge number so : If it doesn’t apply, let it fly.  However, if you are you are all rainbows and unicorns thats good for you but, many others need a little extra push. I mean… Have you seen all of the different depression pills on the market. We turned into a into a populace of negative thinkers. Everyone has seen or knows of Winnie the Pooh right? You know that donkey Eeyore? The one that sounds like the world isn’t even worth living anymore? That’s the state we’re in! Isn’t that sad?

We Must Change These Things

Before we jump in our car with road rage and go rushing down the free way with fire in our eyes and the intent to make it to some unimportant function I’d like for you to do the impossible. CALM DOWN! I know… Your Probably yelling at me because it’s your freaking “Catalina Wine Mixer” right? Well I’d like to tell you that it’ll come again and it’s unhealthy to get so upset that  your face reaches that color. (I mean seriously, what IS that? Maroon?) Whether you are running out of time or just would like time to run out I am here to tell you that it’s not completely horrible.

Why It Isn’t

Up’s and down’s are a way of life and nothing is or should be expected to go your way. If you DO expect this then you are delusional but, lets try to stay on topic. Allow me to pose a question. Do you remember every time you’ve been wronged or wronged someone? Do you remember every time you were cut off or didn’t hold the door for someone? Probably not. This is because you need that mental space for real memories of substance. I’m pretty sure your the fact that you forgot to pick up your dry-cleaning wont take precedence over your wedding day.

A Simple Solution

I find that all of these moments that we find so dull and unrewarding CAN be turned into positives. After all, that time you spend waiting for the clock means that something is arriving or you’re a step closer to completion. Wouldn’t it be more productive to believe that the fact that you have something on your schedule as a sign that you are making some kind of progress? Think of how bland the day is when there is nothing. Just you waiting for someone to call or just waiting for the evening so you can go to bed. Wouldn’t it SUCK if the highlight of your day was eating?

Further Suggestions

If you have time to worry about time then work to make your free time in some way substantial of your well-being. Plan out your day! Plan out your week! Make it so that not a second of your time is wasted.You’d be surprised what a little bit of time management can do for you. After all, we all crave success and the ability to leave our mark. What’s a little training to help you when you reach your dreams of being your own boss?

If you’d like to change other things in your life or would just like a little help with being positive try this link. It will lead you to a whole community of people with ideas who are willing to share even more tips that will lead you towards a healthier lifestyle. It’ll be worth you to check it out. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment and share it your with friends and family. Peace and Blessings.

Burning The Midnight Oil...


Hey Friends!

First of all, I’d Like to thank you and Welcome you to my Blog. If your reading this a little later than expected then I’d like to first of all apologize because I was a bit tired when I  got home from work and fell asleep as I’m still fighting this cold. I wont be up here making any excuses though because I made a commitment to you as my viewers. It’s a Rain, Hail, Sleet, or Snow  thing for me. You know?  If your mad however, I completely understand. I can be quite impatient myself.

In all honest I fell asleep while Blogging. I rushed home trying to spill my days knowledge over this canvas of mine but to no avail. I was out like a light right in front of my keyboard. However, I did wake up with you on my mind and got back to work.What happened to that daily message you ask?


Yup I though it away. Why? Because it was no longer fresh. No longer new with meaning and vigor. I can’t bring life to something I slept on. That’s the kind of writer I am. Now I understand that there are exceptions to the rule such as authors and papers but, (lets be honest here) I am writing No book and you are not My professor (and thank God because if you were and I just happened to be found ranting some day I can foresee a sizable drop in my grade already)

So… Yeah, that’s something I will do from time to time to better myself and gauge the content. I promised to bring you quality media. Not some rushed job just so I can say that I finished. THAT my friends sounds to me like a chore and who likes them? How can you stick with something with that attitude? You CAN’T! Sooner or later you will come to a crossroad and neither of them will be bright. Either you’ll do it and wont become any better as a writer. Just posting some poor excuse of well meaning piece of crap. OR You’ll slowly work your self to the point that you’ll find excuses not to do it until it slows to a stop with an equally dwindling meaning. I don’t EVER want to approach that place.

Well… I can go on forever but, its time for bed as I’ll only have 2 more hours sleep before I have to start my day. But I’ll leave you with this free  inspirational video  before I do. Also, leave a comment and share please. Peace and Blessings.



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